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Internet Marketing Goals for the rest of June 2018

I decided that once a month that I would add my monthly goals into my site. First of all, I wanted to mention that I have around 25 hours a week that I can dedicate to my internet marketing projects. I will be adding revenue and expenses on a monthly basis in case you wish to follow along in my progress.

I have been earning online for a few years now, but I have not earned enough to quit my day job. My focus has wavered here and there and I am now at the point that I will stay focused on the tasks at hand to generate a full time income.

My income report for May will not cause a big stir in the internet marketing but it is a necessary piece to the puzzle to internet marketing progress:)

First of all, here are my goals for the rest of June ( June 11-30, 2018 ). I have a total of  70 hours that I can dedicate to my internet marketing projects for the rest of this month

1) Add in my income report for the month of May, 2018.

time to complete : 1 hour

2) Set up a video on my youtube channel TheAffiliateAron

I will be using Jing to make a short video on the new format of this site. I will try to add a long competition keyword phrase to the keywords and then bookmark the video using my SocialMonkee ( affiliate link ) account.

time to complete : 1 hour

3) Start a twitter account and follow 50 people that are interested in niche websites and amazon sites to start networking.

time to complete : 2 hours

4) Add  in 5 posts into this site that will explain some techniques that I am using to set up and rank my niche sites. Each post will have a video explaining what needs to be done. One of these posts will include my income report for May, 2018

time to complete : 5 hours

5) Networking on other related blogs and forums to develop strong contacts.

time to complete : 1 hour

6) Find a good way to add in a spreadsheet to this blog for the sites that I have for sale . If you know of a good way to do so, please let me know:) Right now I have just added an image of a spreadsheet to use in the meantime.

time to complete : 2 hours

7) For the rest of the time that is left, I will add more niche sites to my portfolio of sites. I am just started out with niche sites and I currently have around 20 niches sites that are totally set-up and backlinked. I takes me around 3 hours in total per site since I am outsourcing the articles and some of the backlinking. The cost is $35 per site.

Niche Sites to Complete : 18

time to complete : 54 hours

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